Adding a little personality to cyber security recruitment

A new visual language that targets differentiation

Cyber security recruitment specialists Acumin have made a global name for themselves by making it easy for major organisations around the world to hire the very best people in their field, whether as contractors or full time employees. 

They told us to keep our hands off their logo, which might have made some designers a little sulky. But instead, we saw an opportunity in their existing roundel device.

An ownable style of imagery and icons

In fact, taking it as a jumping-off point, we created a whole new, highly ownable visual language around it – starting with a set of wittily eye-catching images, bringing to life different key aspects of the brand’s competitive positioning, from award-winning performance to the reassurance of making the right choice.

We then extended the roundel even further, taking it as inspiration for an entire collection of brand icons, which we used to make more specific and focused points about the Acumin offering. (It’s anarchy out there; right people, right place; No 1 in our field; and so on.)

As you can see, our contribution wasn’t only visual; smartly written and competitively-focused headlines also play their part in connecting our imagery and icons to powerful messages about what make Acumin a better choice.

So far, we’ve applied the new visual language across a wide range of brand literature, where it’s been very well received. Not least by Acumin themselves, who have asked us to turn our attention to their office spaces and website next.

Kind words…

“We spent some time looking for a company who could help us ‘reinvigorate’ our collateral and come up with some new and impactful design concepts.

Dana and his team quickly got to the core of our business and articulated it concisely with some great ideas that resonated well with everyone. Dana has remarkable creative insight, he was very professional, responsive and demonstrated excellent critical judgment and great ideas. I would certainly recommend Neon to any of my clients who are looking for a unique stamp and long lasting impact on their brand.”

Group Business Development Director
Acumin (Part of the Red Snapper Group)

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Acumin brand language sample illustrations.

Acumin literature suite.

Acumin brand language - cyber security conference London, apparel.

Acumin brand language icons.

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