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Have you noticed how one thing very often leads to another?

Here’s a good example. The “one thing” was a big rebranding project we did a couple of years ago for a company called Lane4, founded by Olympic gold medallist Adrian Moorhouse, and a leader in the field of human performance.

And the “another”? Well, Lane4 were impressed by our performance – so when they saw an opportunity to turn their expertise in internal communications into a separate business, they very kindly called on us to create the new brand identity, which needed to be dynamic and distinctive in its own right, but clearly related to the Lane4 parent brand.

The client’s chosen name Comment8 gave us a nice numerical link, and from there, it was only a hop, step and jump to come up with a rather neat graphic device – using speech bubbles within the 8 to reflect the new company’s offer to help clients shape more product internal conversations.

And that, in turn, led us on to develop a whole visual language for the new brand, which we applied to a range of launch communications, including a new corporate brochure, stationery, and various other bits and bobs…

Kind words…

“A really brilliant job.

It has real synergies with the Lane4 brand but is also a strong and creative brand identity in its own right, we’re really excited to get going with it all.”

Product Director

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Brand identity

Brand idenitity
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Comment8 brand mark.

Comment8 brand mark and graphic language.

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Comment8 graphic language.

Comment8 supplementary graphic language.

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