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The big idea. The return.

Frankly, this was one of the interesting briefs we’ve received. Because our main client, Rita Clifton is just about the Biggest Cheese there is in our very own industry.

No one knows more about what makes a powerful brand. So we knew that we needed to be right at the very top of our A-game for this one… With her business partner Manfred Abraham, Rita was setting up a new strategic brand consultancy, and aiming stratospherically high. Focusing on brand as the most valuable asset of any business, they were offering not just the fluffy look-and-feel stuff, but high level brand-led business transformation. The name they had chosen – BrandCap – reflected their belief in the commercial value of brands.

A perfectly balanced idea.

Our big idea was based on the duality inherent in BrandCap’s approach. Brands may be worth cold hard cash, but they are built on warm and fuzzy feelings and a strong emotive idea. Through a series of oppositions, presented in contrasting serif and sans-serif fonts, we aimed to bring to life this underlying principle of achieving an emotional/rational balance. In terms of execution, we went down the ultra-premium route.

Creating an air of substance. On a distinctive pale pink background, we introduced a newsy imagery style, using halftone dots – with authoritative two-tone infographics adding further weight. And a very high level of beautifully crafted finish, across all communications, was designed to lend an air of substance and gravitas to the new brand.

Presenting our ideas for the new BrandCap brand identity to the client was definitely a hold-your-breath moment. But good news: Rita loved it. And so did Manfred. And so we played our part in helping them build their own brand-shaped business.

Kind words…

“BrandCap and Neon have worked in partnership across a number of significant projects, from the global merger of two engineering companies to the rebrand of the largest private school network and of course BrandCap’s very own brand expression.

The team at Neon are a joy to work with. They are fantastic at turning brand strategy into a creative concept and they are also excellent at working with the client’s team to implement and deliver the brand identity for a successful launch.”

Founder & Managing Partner

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