Royal Mail
Stamp Advisory Committee Christmas cracker

A Christmas cracker…

Royal Mail asked us to design a presentation pack for their new Christmas stamps, to give to members of the Royal Mails Stamp Advisory Committee – made up of some of the most notable names within the design industry.

Our idea was to present the Christmas stamps within a 2D printed cracker, tied together with a festive red ribbon – which then pulled apart to reveal the stamps placed within debossed frames. Neon has been working with Royal Mail from the day we started. As well as this Christmas gift pack, other Neon projects for Royal Mail have focused on the London 1908 Olympic Games, the 40th anniversary of the first flight of Concorde, and 10 years of the London Eye, to name just a few…

Kind words…

“er, a cracking job!”

Design Manager
Royal Mail

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Royal Mail Stamp Advisory Committee Christmas cracker.

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