Corney & Barrow
Pétrus brochure

Making Château Pétrus even more desirable.

Impossible, surely? Following our successful refresh of their brand identity, leading independent wine merchants Corney & Barrow handed us a plum assignment: to design the Corney & Barrow Pétrus brochure which would mailed as an invitation to serious oenophiles to invest in potentially one of the truly great clarets, the 2012 Château Pétrus.

In case your wine knowledge (like ours) doesn’t extend much further than the nearest supermarket shelf, we should probably explain that for connoisseurs, it would be hard to imagine a more enticing opportunity – or a more exclusive one. Pétrus is, to quote Corney & Barrow, one of “the most sumptuous, rarefied and powerful of wines”. And the stunning 2012 vintage was available only in strictly limited quantities, with each buyer restricted to a maximum of 12 cases.

Needless to say, we didn’t hold back on the luxury cues in our design, which featured a beautifully redrawn version of the illustration from the Pétrus label, with ultra-sophisticated black on black foil-blocking, and pillow embossing – with just 500 copies printed on paper of no-expense-spared quality.

The end-result was elegant, sophisticated and totally super premium in feel, if we say so ourselves. But luckily, we don’t need to, as our little booklet was met by a chorus of positive feedback from those lucky enough to receive it. And by the way, if you’re thinking you might like to invest in a case or two of 2012 Pétrus for your own cellar, forget it. With a little help from us, the vintage sold out in next to no time.

Kind words…

“A complete triumph and utterly gorgeous.”

Managing Director
Corney & Barrow

“Huzzah! I thought it was the coolest and most professionally designed wine offer in world history. I may be a total nerd but I’m keeping mine as a souvenir.”

Award-winning wine expert,
TV personality, author and columnist

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Brochure design
Art direction
Copy writing

Corney & Barrow Pétrus brochure image detail.

Corney & Barrow Pétrus brochure cover with black envelope.

Corney & Barrow Pétrus brochure cover black foil blocking of bottle label illustration.

Corney & Barrow Pétrus brochure spreads and photographic details.

Corney & Barrow Pétrus launch event gift bags.

Corney & Barrow Pétrus brochure photographic details.

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