Walmsley Shaw
Brand identity

Natural craft skills.

Neon were approached by award-winning garden builders Walmsley Shaw, to help them to become top-of-mind for commissions from leading garden designers, architects and developers.

The brand identity and website we created took inspiration from owner Martin Shaw’s belief that ‘you build with nature, not against it’. With copy from Neon’s favourite writer Lindsay Camp, the new website was designed to be more ‘tell’ rather than ‘sell’ – with the goal of not only showcasing Walmsley Shaw’s building and landscaping skills, but also their considerable communication, logistical and planning abilities.

We also had a lot of fun developing a rather beautiful ‘tools as wildlife’ illustrative style, which we’ve used to add a bit of garden-related charm to things like postcard compliment slips, and art-print gifts for clients.

Kind words…

“We are so delighted with our experience of working with Neon on re-branding our company.

Not only have they produced some wonderful work for us, but they also had the skill to successfully advise us on where our company needs to go and how best to compete in our overcrowded market. As a young company going through the daunting task of re-branding, we couldn’t have asked for better people to manage our expectations and hold our hand throughout the whole process. Our new Walmsley Shaw brand identity, which everyone compliments, really demonstrates Neon’s creativity. The website positions us as a leader in our industry, and appeals to the top garden designers in the country. Thanks again for all your hard work.”

Managing Director
Walmsley Shaw

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Brand identity

Brand identity
Advertising, season one
Advertising, season two
Promotional items

Walmsley Shaw brand mark.

Walmsley Shaw brand mark.

Walmsley Shaw seasonal promotional client email animation.

Walmsley Shaw advertising.

Walmsley Shaw website.

Walmsley Shaw client gift art prints.

Walmsley Shaw promotional/compliment slip postcards.

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