Amanda Patton
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Naturally the right idea.

Amanda Patton is a leading garden designer whose work has won many awards (including Chelsea Flower Show Gold, and RHS Gold), and she’s also a regular guest broadcaster on BBC radio.

She asked us to create a new brand identity for her publications, stationery and portfolio, to reflect her garden design philosophy: “Good design is not just about getting the proportions right, it’s also about getting the communication right, with a common theme of quality and craftsmanship. It’s about being simple, to the point and memorable.” We’re pleased to say that Amanda felt our work captured that perfectly…

Kind words…

“Neon was able to understand the essence of my business and has brought that out perfectly in the identity they created for me, which I’m absolutely thrilled with! It says everything a potential client needs to know about what I do, from the artistic flair to the ground itself.

Creating my business card in the form of a plant label reinforces this still further; what’s more it’s fun and it’s different and it’s the envy of every garden designer I’ve given it to — who wish they’d thought of it first! More importantly, the quality of the design and the execution sends the right message to my potential clients that they will receive a garden constructed with craftsmanship and attention to detail, and that they are right to put their trust (and their money) with me.”

Chelsea Flower Show Award Winning
Garden Designer and BBC Broadcaster

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Amanda Patton brand mark.

Amanda Patton brand mark.

Amanda Patton stationery.

Amanda Patton brand mark animation.

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