The new Nabarro Season’s Greetings wall by Neon.

1200 pieces of festive origami, 8 rolls of double sided carpet tape, 4 paper cuts, 2 days of furious sticking and the Nabarro Season’s Greetings wall by Neon is complete – and a real labour of love for us.

The new Nabarro Season’s Greetings wall is part of an on-going body of work for Nabarro. The wall has become a highlight and talking point within Nabarro and visiting clients – from the award winning typographic moving in facts, to sweet savoury and skylines, through to law firm alliance partners city cameos for a recent conference, the Nabarro wall is an ever evolving canvas.

And look out at the beginning of the New Year for the next wall – word search!

A few images from our second day and final finished details.

The new Nabarro Season’s Greetings wall in progress by Neon Design & Branding Consultancy






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