A big, beautiful lie by Neon…

Our entry/response to ‘26 Lies‘ from the writers’ group ’26’ has been posted.

Neon were invited to participate by the writers’ group ’26’ and our good friend Andy Hayes (MD of the copywriting collective The Quietroom, who also chairs the writers’ group ’26’).

The project 26 Lies‘ is all about the ways in which people lie to each other and sometimes to themselves.

This is how the project worked. 26 writers were given a different lie-themed quotation. These were either lies in themselves – massive deceptions or little white lies – or grand reflections on the nature of lies and lying. Each writer teamed up with with a partner – an illustrator or photographer, artist or sculptor, film-maker or songwriter – and together they responded to their quotation.  Imaginations were allowed to run riot. Honesty was not a requirement.

Our quote to respond to was:


Neon’s written and creative response/big beautiful lie was a gentle pastiche of the Boots No.7 skin care products/youthful serums adverts…

The 4 of our ‘No. 45’ made from the upside down 7 of the No.7 branding, along with some neat and slightly biting copy writing and product description.

Our copy:

No. 45

Crème de réflexion passé

With over 45 years of social programming and erosion of personal confidence, No. 45 gently delivers a utopian reflection of youth. Revitalising self esteem, whilst relieving you of the unnecessary trappings of consumerism i.e. your earnings. Apply liberally to head, shoulders, knees and
toes, knees and toes – repeat as necessary just before bed. Massage in an anti-clockwise direction in the dark and face the second star to the right.

No. 45 – Because you’re worthless*

Key ingredients: Aqua (Prosecco), Glycerin, Photoshop

*according to today’s Western society

There will also be a print edition of the work in the form of a 26 Lies tabloid newspaper and later this year a 26 Lies exhibition at the Free Word Centre in London.


If you’d like to know more about this project, or if you have a project/pitch/roster review you’d like to discuss with us, we’d be absolutely delighted to hear from you.

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'She-was-a-handsome-woman-of-45-and-would-remain-so-for-many-years-to-come'-JB-Priestley-by Neon