Neon invited to comment in Design Week – lightbulb moments.

Design Week asked 6 designers about their favourite designers about the lightbulb moments which they are most proud of. Here’s our snippet in the pic above and text below…

“Hmm, it’s easy to sound self-satisfied here – and let’s face it, everything could be better. It depends on perspective. One favourite was a complex M&A project, with an idea that successfully brought together two very different research companies and made them future-looking in every aspect, from naming, to positioning, through to brand identity; or a campaign for a children’s charity, as much for the awareness boost it gave them, as the mark and tag line produced. And I still get gooey over a museum poster for an exhibition about Emotions. But to be honest, I live for the thrill of the next idea so every ‘next’ project, big or small, is my favourite…”

Dana Robertson
Creative Director

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