Neon invited to comment in Design Week – From buses to border control, strange places designers have been inspired.

The design of the classic Land Rover car was first conceptualised with a drawing in the sand of a Welsh beach in 1947. Design Week asked designers about the most bizarre places that they have formulated ideas. Here’s our snippet in the pic above and text below…

“Ideas can and do happen anywhere. But, in terms of unusual places for inspiration to strike, I’ll always remember solving a tricky brief while not quite literally chained to a desk, but undeniably incarcerated in quite a scary little room – with just chair and a table, I was being held as the “guest” of Russian border police over a visa malfunction, when flying out to present work. Unsurprisingly, the concepts I came up with in that rather tense four-hour detention period all revolved around ideas of freedom, liberation and movement…”

Dana Robertson
Creative Director

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