Neon invited to comment in Design Week – how to kickstart a new design project?

Design Week asked 5 designers what’s the first thing that they do when they’re faced with a new project. Obviously this was an opportunity to sound overly worthy and all buttoned down, but we thought being candid would give a better insight (as it has served us well). Here’s our snippet in the pic above and text below…


“No matter how long in the tooth I get, the first (and I’ve come to realise the most vital) thing I do when I start a new design project is panic. Well, it’s not panic exactly – it’s that anxious vertigo feeling you get when you’re just starting out as junior, which still keeps me honest to this day. Next, I write the shortest of briefs, take time to feed my brain, and then crack out quick fire thoughts as (really) crappy sketches – I put one idea on a page, stick ’em on a wall, and walk away. Then, after a cooling-off period, I revisit, and let instinct and experience do their thing – picking out the ideas with immediacy, heart, and relevance. And then it’s time for the really hard work – the crafting and sweating over tiny detail – to begin.”

Dana Robertson
Creative Director

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