Neon invited to comment in Design Week – projects that never made it to reality.

Last week (17th July 2015) the Japanese government decided to scrap its design for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic stadium and start over. Design Week asked 6 designers about their favourite and most painstaking projects that never made it to reality. Thankfully we’ve had very few projects that have ‘got away’ but here’s our snippet in the pic above and text below…

“A project that never came to reality for me was a third year college project for Crufts that I love to this day, but still can’t seem to make happen. Another was for a Tate Modern sponsor event, where we were going to create a giant Etch a Sketch type thing to create abstract paintings on the floor by using the Turbine Hall’s giant ceiling crane hooked up to a laptop, with a paintbrush on the end of the winch cable. It died due to the last minute intransigence of health and safety – sigh…”

Dana Robertson
Creative Director

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