Clarion website Invest in Gems by Neon


Neon’s new brand identity and website for Clarion Wealth Planning goes live.

We’re pleased to announce that our quietly elegant new work for Clarion Wealth Planning – which includes brand positioning, brand identity, advertising and website – has been launched.

A long established financial services firm, Clarion are pioneers in the field of true lifelong financial planning. Which means what sets them apart is a focus on helping high net worth individuals enjoy their wealth, in the here and now, while taking good care of their long-term financial future.

Based on a powerful brand promise created by Neon of “true lifelong financial planning for the serious business of life”, the identity aims to create a luxury brand and boutique feel for Clarion. And we’ve achieved that by combining richly detailed illustration (in the form of a brand icon), clean and contemporary type, opulent colours, and warmly emotive black-and-white photography, which brings alive the core idea of using wealth to invest in the things that really matter.

It’s all about lifting Clarion above the financial services mainstream, inviting clients not just to invest wisely and plan for the future, but to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labours today and live for the moment. This is reflected in advertising headlines and copy, where we set out to find playful ways to put Clarion’s own spin on the conventional language of financial planning, inviting clients, for example, to use their wealth to “plan to have no plan” or to “invest in yourself” in order to get the most from “the serious business of life”. Or to use the peace of mind and time saved not worrying about financial matters by working with Clarion to “invest in gems”/time with family and loved ones for example.

Clarion logo designed by Neon

Clarion website Invest in yourself by Neon

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