The meeting of like minds

Akin, Arundel’s creative collective, was born from the meeting of like minds… and Neon helped create the name and the branding to help launch this collective.

Arundel in West Sussex has always been a place alive with creative energy. But until now there’d never been a harnessing of all that expertise that rubbed shoulders with each other each and everyday and channelling it into a collective with like-minded passions: sharing creative knowledge; expanding creative horizons and – where it makes sense to do so – joining forces in commercial collaborations.

Introducing Akin, the new collective of Arundel’s finest creative talent. Kindred spirits united by a love for what they do and an insatiable curiosity and respect for each other’s creative worlds and individual craftsmanship

The name, Akin, perfectly captured the idea and the togetherness of the Akin group creatively.

The brand mark was a simple piece of contemporary Helvetica that could be used in combination with words and phrases to help promote the idea behind Akin as well as the group itself.

Neon has since supported Akin designing posters promoting show and tell talks from Akin members as well as bringing incredible commercial creative practitioners from around the UK to Arundel to share their knowledge, work and passion.

Most obviously, Akin is about sharing ideas and inspiration with commercial creative professionals who are in it together: supporting and learning from each other; working to raise standards; showcasing members’ work; promoting the real commercial value of great creativity; and playing a vital part in helping the next generation of talent – by passing on the baton of our insights, knowledge and expertise, as well as the passion, blood, sweat and tears we’ve all shed over many years to make the work we do the best it can possibly be.

Akin members also work together to ensure that businesses and organisations in Sussex and well beyond make the Akin directory their first port of call, when they have a creative need / project big or small.

Any creative practitioner based or living in or around Arundel is welcome to apply for membership – from brand consultants, film-makers, photographers, publishers, graphic designers, product designers, social media and public relations, copywriters, illustrators, innovation training, web developers, jewellery designers, textile designers, architectural metalwork, to installation and fine artists (not an exhaustive list but a great start).

Akin members share a common goal to further, nurture and grow Arundel’s reputation as a unique creative community and collaborative resource, powered by a collective passion for the highest creative and crafts standards – all underpinned by unswerving professional, personal and creative integrity.

To find out more: [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 3289 1733 Share this: Email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Download PDF, follow us on Instagram or view our animations and movies on Vimeo



Brand identity
Motion graphics
Event promotional posters
Event social media event graphics

Akin brand mark.

Akin launch during Arundel Festival.

Akin show and tell talk posters.

Akin launch members posters.

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