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Having created the brand and packaging, Neon’s next challenge was to apply the same brand and ESN’s transparency and product attribute principles to the design and build of E-Sports Nutrition’s e-commerce website – balancing the need to stand out in a crowded market with excellent UX, to maximise online sales.

Looking at the competition, we saw a sea of samey imagery and visual clichés. We knew our site needed not just to look and feel different, but to reflect the brand ethos of showing respect for gamers, through accessibility, clarity and transparency. Key parts of the ESN brief was for the website provide detailed information about product formulation and to being there for them post-sale if there were any issues or further questions.

Clear, transparent, easy to use

The site we created has a stylish contemporary feel, designed to brief to be clear, informative and, above all, easy to use. However visitors arrive – directly to the home page, or via links to product landing pages – they are met with stunning imagery of the products, enticing information flavours and formulation (including deep detail for those who want it), and quick and simple online shopping mechanics.

Here is the homepage, which achieves maximum impact through the brand’s monochromatic visual style, with stylishly executed promotional product graphics.

And, while we are guiding you round the site, here is a typical product landing page which helps with SEO, while providing overviews of the two main ESN product ranges, ELX energy drink formulas and IGF In Game Food  meal replacement shakes.To finish the tour, here’s an individual product page, designed not only to sell that particular flavour, but also to upsell the customer another complementary flavour. And, just by scrolling down from at-a-glance sales pitch, customers can access in-depth information in accordions on ingredients, nutritional values, directions for use, and more – allowing ESN to showcase their considerable nutritional expertise and deliver on the belief in transparency and high product standards – go read they are amazingly in-depth and informative!

Not just selling but being a responsible member of the gaming community

Of course, maximising sales was a number one priority. But no less important for ESN was that the site should reflect their support for the gaming community, and their commitment to championing the drive to make gaming a better space.

That’s why we included links to ESN’s Give respect to gain respect ethos statement on every page of the site. In this way, we not only showcased this crucial element of the brand platform, but also acted as a resource for gamers in tackling toxicity and bullying, and promoting positive attitudes and behaviour online.

To further distinguish the brand from its competitors, we highlighted ESN’s vital fact that products contain absolutely none of the fillers – like maltodextrin, a hidden sugar in supposedly sugar-free products – used almost universally within the gaming supplement market. And we underlined that, with far more active ingredients, instead of dodgy fillers, ESN products would offer gamers much more bang for their buck.

Finally, for further peace of mind, we featured all relevant product accreditations and manufacturing standards that ESN had worked hard to achieve to help with product differentiation including key certifications from organisations like the Vegan Society, which are very hard to be endorsed by.

And the results

The site has performed very well indeed – converting a much higher than average sales percentage per visit rate compared to the usual Shopify benchmarks, and performing even better during periods of high visibility such as product launches.

And we are very pleased to say that ESN’s site also scores highly with gamers/customers and has received fantastic and unprompted feedback for its clarity, look and feel, user friendliness, product detail and, especially, ease of accessing customer services.

Overall, we can confidently say that the site we created has taken e-commerce in gaming supplements to a new level, achieving real success in convincing a highly sceptical, well informed and vocal community that ESN is not just another newcomer, but a real game-changer, in terms of both brand ethos and products.

Please do also find out in more detail here about: ESN’s brand, packaging and campaigns, all created by Neon.

Kind words…

“The website was the most crucial project to get right, with our e-commerce platform trying to appeal to a very sceptical but also knowledgeable, contemporary gaming audience. Our website is very much the key driver for sales, especially in the formative months when we were exclusively an online B2C business.

In all honesty we couldn’t be happier and really feel Neon have absolutely nailed it! We have a gamer-centred website that oozes credibility which could only be achieved with a very well thought out plan from the beginning.

We have a gamer-centred website that oozes credibility which could only be achieved with a very well thought out plan from the beginning. The website includes accordion style drop-down sections on each product page so we can manage our USP’s in a clear, organised, and professional way.

Crucially, not only did this lead to a higher conversion percentage but we also noted a small but relevant increase in AOV. We also had the entire support section revamped which has cut down on customer reach outs, as everything is now clearly managed and easy for the customer to navigate. This time saving has made us more efficient as we have limited staff resources but plenty of tasks at hand.

We’re super proud about the end result, we have a platform that perfectly represents our brand and fact of the matter is it’s a converting machine too!”

Director & Co Founder
E-Sports Nutrition

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