Seasick Steve
Video & album artwork

 A dream job…

One of those jobs when you get the call and you just say yes… An invitation to do a music video and album cover for one of your favourite musicians, Seasick Steve.

Seasick Steve had just completed a new body of work that returned to his low-fi roots, titled ‘Blues in Mono’. Just Steve, a guitar and the music. And the gig? Capturing that sentiment…

Collaborating with good friend and enfant terrible photographer Neil Stewart (who we’d previously created a just for kicks self-promotional project) we set off to the West Country armed with cameras, clips, balls of string (and surfboards) to go make something happen.

We set up in a tractor barn and created an intimate low-fi space, to give the flavour that you the viewer were an audience of one with Seasick Steve. With a butch Metal roady roped in to delicately pull bits of string to swing lighting for mood, velvet curtains stolen from a living room and Neil Stewart’s cameras rolling we captured the magic. The video captured the intimacy of the track ‘Well Well Well’ and for the album we carefully shot the classic mike and amp featured in the video in isolation, as well as further portraits of Steve.

The intimacy of these shots was augmented by having Steve write out track titles and intros to make the album layouts as simple, unfussy and personal as possible to reflect the theme of the album. All this was topped off with a blue vinyl reflecting the title, ‘Blues in mono‘. They say never meet your heroes, that’s rubbish, as Seasick Steve rolled with everything, was a joy to shoot and film – and was just all round gentle nice guy who kept us topped up with tea and beer at all the right moments. We shot all day and surfed from early evening into the night for two magical days.

And the result? Something special in our opinion.

Kind words…

“I just love it fellas, peace and love, Steve.”


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Music video
Album artwork

Art Direction

Seasick Steve 'Blues in mono' album cover and inner sleeve artwork.

Seasick Steve Blues in mono album Cover and Blue vinyl
Seasick Steve Blues in mono album Back Cover and Blue vinyl
Seasick Steve Blues in mono album sleeve inner with microphone and Blue vinyl
Seasick Steve Blues in mono album sleeve inner with Seasick Steve and Blue vinyl
Seasick Steve Blues in mono album Blue vinyl

Seasick Steve. Well Well Well. Pre record with Seasick Steve free style at end.

Seasick Steve. Well Well Well. Out take video...

Video and album cover shoot reportage.

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