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Engage for Change are a management consultancy that specialises in leader and employee engagement — ensuring employees work together effectively and drive performance throughout every part of the organisation.

They came to Neon with just a logo. In need of a clear and engaging way of expressing their offer, they asked us to help with their brand messaging and visual language. The process included 17 senior level client interviews, which helped inform and hone their message, encouraging Engage for Change to focus on business outcomes and performance. The core proposition was distilled to help clients better understand their offer, resulting in a new strapline with much greater immediacy, ‘Strategy through people’.

Engage for Change brand expression embraced a new engaging illustration style and design approach, to help bring management problems and solutions to life with wit and warmth – and to avoid the familiar clichéd images which saturate the sector. When applied across the entire range of brand communications – including website, corporate brochures, PowerPoint and even Christmas animations – our new look and feel resulted in a far more engaging Engage for Change…

Kind words…

“Neon Creative worked with Engage for Change, a strategy consulting firm specialising in leadership and employee engagement, to create a more compelling Engage for Change brand expression.

Our new world of engaging little fellows actively helps us express our thinking with disarming charm through intelligent observation. This was then incorporated into our new sharper credentials presentation, and featured in the design and creation of other thought leadership collateral materials. In the process Dana not only provided great creative insight but also added real business value by challenging us to find better and more interesting ways of expressing our vision and purpose in words and visuals.

He encouraged us to distil our offering to get to the heart of what needed to be communicated quickly, but in way that demonstrated us living our brand — bringing charm, wit and above all engagement to serious business issues concerned with driving business performance. In a world of increasing media noise, ‘cut through’ communications are essential and Dana has been very successful in creating such materials for Engage for Change. Dana also demonstrated great listening skills but with the strength of character (and humour) to achieve consensus from a client with vast array of different views and opinions, providing clarity, direction and above all timeliness so that the work was completed to meet strict deadlines and budget. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with, highly professional and responsive and has become not just a trusted partner but someone whom we see as an integral part of our team.”

Engage for Change

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