Neon - 15 years of doing what we love


15 years of doing what we love…

Neon: 15 years of doing what we love…

A good friend recently pointed out that it’s been 15 years since I went solo with Neon, having jumped ship from being a big time Charley Creative Director of an international agency – so to keep at the pointy end of actual creative doing and to have my own adventures.

Armed only with the creative essentials – a wild mind and a disciplined eye – Neon’s journey to date has indeed been an endlessly enjoyable adventure.

We’ve worked with a fantastic variety of clients, big and small, who have fed us a wide diversity of projects, from large scale branding jobs (both strategic positioning and ID), to ad campaigns, animations to packaging, as well as all manner of digital stuff.

This has included album covers for Seasick Steve, to eye catching branding for media company Argonon. ‘Making a splash’ with Thames & Hudson or moving Moody’s to be ‘The view that counts’. We’ve made a law firm cool (no honestly, we really did this). Mobilised ‘Activists’ for Action for Children and gave UK Sport a competitive edge, to name but a very few (and award winning) highlights.

So I thought now would be a good time to showcase some of the wonderful projects we’ve worked on – and share the odd observation here from along the way over the coming weeks.

Here’s just a few snippets of projects big and small to have a peek at to get the ball rolling…

And finally…

Big love and respect to all who helped bring Neon’s work to life, as well as all of our wonderful clients.

15 years (and onwards!) – time flies when ya doing what you love…

Peace. D

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