Amazing card board models.

An ‘everyday is awesome’ moment… A visit to an ex-secret space race rocket testing bunker on Isle of Wight above the Needles revealed a little craft gem. Within the bunker all the old equipment had long been removed and destroyed, but someone had recreated the units, chairs and even coats hanging on the pegs in card board based on old photographs and put it all back in situ.

A simple bit of craft and creativity brought a wonderful bit of unexpected magic to the site. Appreciated more so given Neon’s recent paper model work for Nabarro LLP – we are going to try and track down this wonderful individual to find out more, if we find them you’ll see it here. We also found out that Nick Garrett the brilliant lettering artist and traditional sign artist who regularly collaborates with Neon on Nabarro’s canteen walls grand father worked in that very same bunker.

Everyday is awesome.