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Brand visual style refresh

They say the solution to any creative brief is right there on the page in front of you.

On this occasion, that was literally true. Long time client Nabarro LLP needed a powerful new lead image style for use across all their communications, to help make their brand even more distinctive within the legal sector. We thought long and hard about what the brand stands for – simplicity, clarity of thought, elegant economy of expression; and then we thought about the firm’s goal of always being able, when advising their clients, to sum up the essence of the issue – or the solution – on a single page.

And suddenly, that notion of the single page became our inspiration. How could we use it, we wondered, to create a simple, infinitely flexible and unique visual theme that would work within the brand’s black and white style? And as soon as we started folding that piece of paper we knew we were on the right page… Iconic paper models became the cornerstone of the Nabarro brand visual style refresh. And we didn’t just create a few of them, we came up with a veritable plethora – an entire (and on-going) image library of simple, clear and engaging visual metaphors representing different aspects of the firm’s services, expertise and sector focus which would be equally as memorable on-line as they were in print.

Of course, that wasn’t the end of the story. To create a whole new visual style for the firm, we also developed a number of other elements, including stylish cut-out imagery, infographics and refreshed typography – and put it all together in a user-friendly new set of guidelines.

It was also rolled out through a printed literature scheme, the firms new offices and digital materials including the firms .com website.

It’s still early days for the new branding, but so far the feedback has been amazing…

Kind words…

“Dana from Neon lives and breathes our brand.

He is intuitive, creative and pragmatic – in essence all we could wish for from a strategically and brand minded creative who has exceptional craft skills and full of ideas. The latest work he has done for us in refreshing our visual identity is typical of an approach that centres on clarity of thought and elegance of expression. I am delighted with the results.”

Head of Communications
Nabarro LLP

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Nabarro brand visual style refresh – animated gallery of a selection of paper models.

Nabarro brand visual style refresh – paper models snapshot gallery.


Nabarro brand visual style refresh – literature system.


Nabarro brand visual style refresh – 125 London Wall office graphics.


Nabarro 'Clarity Matters' typographic conundrums brand advertising (6 from a set of 12).

Nabarro brand visual style refresh – Firm credentials snap shot movie.

Nabarro brand visual style refresh – event invites email graphics.


Nabarro brand visual style refresh – A5 pop-up event invites.


Nabarro brand visual style refresh – art direction & website graphics.


Nabarro brand visual style refresh – guidelines.


Nabarro brand visual style refresh – guidelines sample spreads.


Nabarro brand visual style refresh – paper models current full library gallery.

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