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Blast from the past / amazing discovery while geeking out…

We live in a wonderful creative community and when you come across someone you worked with years ago doing something different and amazing it is a real joy.

And that was the case when I was indulging my passion of gaming over the years, on buying yet another book from Bitmap books who produce stunning books on all things gaming.

I then discovered on stumbling on a YouTube video it had been set up by Sam Dyer a designer who I’d worked with at The Partners years ago, a lovely talented but humble guy who joined our team at the time as a designer – and then I left and lost touch as is the way of things in our crazy busy creative world.

Bitmaps Books Sam Dyer








So it was a real joy to discover it was Sam behind these beautifully designed and produced books that adorned my shelves – and so I just had to get back in touch and hear all about it.

It’s all just so impressive, go have a peek / geek at Bitmap books beautiful selection of gaming books, all beautifully designed and deeply researched.

And here’s another great interview with Sam for Creative Bloq

Nice one Sam – and lovely to be back in touch!