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02 – Collaborate to elevate a project…

02 – Collaborate to elevate a project

We feel collaboration is an essential ingredient to elevating work and an enjoyable project experience – both with our clients and when working others to bring our ideas to life.

Over the past 15 years we’ve collaborated with all manner of people on all manner of projects, from award winning campaigns to brand IDs.

It’s all about doing what we as brand designers ask of our clients – pushing the needle, showing faith and taking a creative leap.

This was a big feature for our work for what was Nabarro LLP law firm, with two significant collaborations.

Initially it was finding a way bring visually to life what their brand stood for, simplicity, clarity of thought, elegant economy of expression – and the firm’s goal of always being able, when advising their clients, to sum up the essence of the issue – or the solution – on a single page.

That notion of the single page became our inspiration. As soon as we started folding that piece of paper we knew we were on the right page to create a flexible and unique visual theme, working within the brand’s black and white style.

So who to use?

We did our research and then by chance came across Michael Trew.

But we were almost too late…

Despite being by far the best origami practitioner we had come across, he was about to give it all up, as he just hadn’t caught a break.

I practically begged Micheal to stick with it for one last go with me…

We carefully went through brief and vision and when he first came back with the models opening every box was like Christmas.

We then didn’t look back for the years going forward.

The second amazing collaboration on the Nabarro project came bringing to life the brand within their then new offices at 125 London wall.

I had opened my big mouth about a wall in their new canteen floor, which they were unsure about what to do with, saying it should be ever changing.

We had a bunch of ideas from typographic stats about the move, city skylines made of food, to mazes to word searches.

But how to bring it to life?

We thought it essential to not to bring it to life with applied graphics but to have a human touch – and exceptional craft was the key.

But who to use?

After much looking we found the amazing Nick Garrett.

Despite the challenge of scale, Nick worked with us helping deliver the magic – and gave him the room to add his creativity, as well as the faith to prepare and manage the delivery.

The resulting walls were sensational – and it broke our hearts every time we had to black them out for the next idea!

So we feel collaboration is rewarding to all and crucially elevates projects to something special.

We hope you agree…

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