Dana Robertson comment in Design Week 05022018


Neon invited to comment in Design Week – thoughts on graphic guidelines resource website.

We were kindly invited to comment in Design Week this week, here’s our two penneth:

new website called Adele showcases the design systems of famous brands such as BBC, Audi and Buzzfeed all in one place, as a resource for designers to see how these companies built their websites and visual identities. Creative directors share their thoughts on graphic guidelines as we asked the question “Which brand’s design guidelines would you most like to see published (on Adele) and why?”

“Hmm, a site where you can study brand guidelines… why didn’t someone come up with that when I used to suffer from insomnia?! Obviously, I respect the passion and hard work that must have gone into this project, but seriously, I would rather gouge my eyes out with a spoon than spend my limited free time reading detailed instructions on how to position logos correctly and when to use secondary colour palettes.”

Dana Robertson
Creative Director

To view the full article and all responses on-line click here, but you will need to register with Design Week.