The meeting of like minds

Akin, Arundel’s creative collective, was born from the meeting of like minds… and Neon helped create the name and the branding to help launch this collective.

The name, Akin, perfectly captured the idea and the togetherness of the Akin group creatively. The brand mark was a simple piece of contemporary Helvetica that could be used in combination with words and phrases to help promote the idea behind Akin as well as the group itself – and we created a short animation to celebrate this commonality for use on website and in socials.

We hope you enjoyed this animation, click here to see the full extent of the project.

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Brand identity
Motion graphics
Event promotional posters
Event social media event graphics

Akin brand mark.

Akin launch during Arundel Festival.

Akin show and tell talk posters.

Akin launch members posters.

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