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We love it when one lovely project leads directly to another. A case in point: our top client from the massive rebrand we did for leading law firm Nabarro became a big fan of Neon’s work, and very kindly recommended us to her son, for this much smaller but very appealing brand creation exercise for Bespoke Britain.

Our new client had worked widely in the travel and tours sector, and was certain there was an opportunity to launch a more bespoke premium offering Bespoke Britain; a one-stop-shop for beautifully put-together, meticulously planned tour packages and unique experiences, around the UK but mostly in London. (A London Cheese Tour? Yes, please!)

From a design point of view, it was all about communicating upmarket excellence, combined with user-friendly simplicity – starting with a brand mark in the form of an elegant monogram, which lends an effortlessly prestige feel to all communications.

Turning our creative attention to the website, the priority was to make it as clear and engaging as possible; a big step up from other tour companies, in terms of both aesthetics and user-experience – with ease of navigation and booking key to turning interest into revenue for this fledgeling business.

Kind words…

“I cannot recommend Dana and the Neon team highly enough. They not only understood what I was looking for in the branding of the new company, but brought their own ideas to the table, which made the entire process incredibly dynamic and creative.

Dana provided several brand concepts, and I can honestly say any of the choices would have been a great success – they looked fantastic. Building the website was very smooth, Matt was brilliant at linking the branding and functionality demands of the site to create something really special. The amount of support and communication at every step was very helpful, and really shows in the end result. I can wholeheartedly say that I would love to work more with Dana, Matt, and Neon in the future, they were brilliant from start to finish! I can’t tell you how many compliments I get over the website and branding.”

Jack Lennard
Founding Partner
Bespoke Britain

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Bespoke Britain brand mark.

Bespoke Britain tours logo design by Neon over an tour image featuring a black and white stair well

Bespoke Britain brand mark on brand colours.

Bespoke Britain tours logo design by Neon

Bespoke Britain website.

Bespoke Britain free gift tour bag

Bespoke Britain tours free tour gift bag, designed by Neon

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