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Recruitment advertising

Following on from our highly successful rebrand of Clarion Wealth Management and our subsequent advertising campaign (to help showcase Clarion’s distinctive focus on helping clients make the most of their wealth in the here and now, while taking good care of their long-term financial future) we were asked to create a short recruitment advertising campaign for Clarion’s expanding team.

The goal was to appeal to prospective applicants on both an emotive level, as well as a rational one, communicating Clarion’s commitment to investing in its staff and their future.

The new campaign simply put Clarion’s own playful twists on the conventional language of financial planning and investments, manifesting as simple, elegant and premium in feel typographic adverts that appeared in regional press and LinkedIn.

Kind words…

“These ads are fantastic thank you so much, especially with such a short turn around time. Elegant, premium with some smart and effective copywriting – and very much on brand for Clarion.”

Director – Family Office
Clarion Wealth Planning

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Art Direction

Clarion recruitment advert 'investment'.

Clarion Recruitment ad by Neon feature image

X4 Clarion recruitment print adverts.

X4 Clarion recruitment LinkedIn adverts.

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