Moody's ESG Solutions
'Comprehensive' campaign

Moody’s ESG Solutions ‘Comprehensive’ campaign

Having developed a powerfully distinctive positioning for our long-time client Moody’s new expanded ESG offering, we embarked on the creative execution phase of this process with the clearest possible sense of what our work needed to achieve.

We knew it had to be inspirational, and to convey the calm confidence of leadership, reflecting both Moody’s stature and its pioneering commitment to bringing about positive change in the field of sustainability. We knew it needed to pack an emotive punch, as well as putting forward a compelling business case. But most of all, we knew it had to stand out – in a sea of same-y ESG messaging from our client’s competitors.

A compelling list of reasons

Naturally, then, we focused on what sets Moody’s apart: the comprehensive strength-in-depth of ESG solutions they offer. Our initial campaign picks off a long list of attributes – from 360-degree vision to traceable transparency – that ensure the data and insight the provide can empower better sustainable decision-making. And each of these compelling reasons for choosing Moody’s is supported, and vibrantly brought to life, by our use of insightful visual metaphors and fascinating facts, drawn from the natural world.

Watch this space…

Moody’s engagement in the sustainability arena is a long-term commitment, and its ESG offering will need to be adaptable over time.

The same applies, of course, to our client’s communications. It’s still early days, but we’re confident that the strategic platform we have built, and the visual identity system we have started to develop, will enable the company to go from strength to strength as a globally respected champion of change.

Kind words…

“Dana expertly distilled a complex brief into a clever, multi-dimensional campaign that really stands out, perfectly showcasing the comprehensive nature of our capabilities.”

The powerful single word headlines and stunning imagery immediately draws you in, with the factoid providing a brilliant pay-off that beautifully links to the service Moody’s ESG Solutions is able to provide. Not only has this campaign gained real traction both internally and externally, but it has the legs to go on and on. We can’t thank the team at Neon enough.”

VP, Marketing & Engagement, Moody’s ESG Solutions

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