Natalia Schroder
Brand identity

A jewel in the making.

Natalia Schroder is an up and coming jewellery designer, whose work has appeared in Vogue and other leading fashion publications.

Natalia asked us to create a new brand identity that would make an elegant impact in the luxury goods market. We combined Natalia’s initials to form a unique monogram, designed to work at a very small sizes, so that it could be used as Natalia Schroder’s ‘maker’s mark’ alongside the hallmarks stamped into her jewellery. The detailing from the Natalia Schroder brand identity monogram carried through onto the refined but strong logotype typography. For the colour palette, we went with a simple yet sophisticated black and white, with a graphic stripe detail, taken from the feel of the monogram, to be used in packaging, ribbons, tissue wraps and end-paper detailing.

Kind words…

Wow! Modern yet timeless was the brief, but this is beyond anything I expected – thank you so much!

The symbol works brilliantly alongside the Hallmark on my pieces. So individual, so crafted, so clever!

Creative Director
Natalia Schroder Jewellery

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Brand identity

Logo design 2017

Brand identity
Press pack

Natalia Schroder full brand mark.

Natalia Schroder monogram.

Natalia Schroder website.

Natalia Schroder stationery.

Natalia Schroder press pack, inserts and jewellery box.

Natalia Schroder gift bags.

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