Naming, brand positioning & identity

A vibrant and unified community.

Neon were commissioned to help name, position and create a brand identity for an important new development in Bulgaria’s coastal city of Varna.

The aim was to provide a significant step up in the quality of design and build in Varna, while also creating a sense of community. The name reflected this desire to create a vibrant and unified community, marking the development out as something contemporary and different. The brand identity and proposition were based around the notion of ‘bringing colour to life’. This was reflected in the visual style with washes of water colour overlaid on powerful black and white photography, bringing energy and warmth to the project.

Brand idea: Bringing a splash of colour to Varna.

Inspired by the word Vazrazhdane — the name of the district where the development is situated, which means ‘renaissance’ — the brand idea is Revival. This reflects the rebirth of Bulgaria as well as the experience of living and working at 1Varna: the focus on individual needs; the restoration of physical and mental well-being; and an environment that is easy, liberating, restorative and inspiring.

Kind words…

“Neon delivered a real splash of colour into a very grey marketplace. Neon helped us name, position and bring to life our unique vision for reinventing life in Varna.

The vibrant, organic and refreshing imagery brings colour and life to both the project and the city. The name has positioned us well in a market full of irrelevant names in regard to property and adds status to the development itself. We are delighted with the response as we are perceived as fresh, new and innovative.”

Managing Director
Adamant Capita

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1Varna site.

1Varna brand mark.

1Varna brand mark with 'living' descriptor.

1Varna brand mark with 'working' descriptor.

1Varna brand mark with 'living' brochure.

1Varna brand mark with 'living' brochure spread.

1Varna brand mark with 'working' brochure.

1Varna brand mark with 'working' brochure spreads.

1Varna site branding hoarding.

1Varna illustration style.

1Varna infographic style.

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