An hour for good
for Action for Children

Helping Action for Children own the “extra hour”

We’ve had a long and happy relationship with leading UK charity Action for Children, so we were thrilled when they gave us this lovely brief for a new initiative building on the success of their National Children’s Hour campaign, created by Neon. 

The highly topical idea was to base a campaign around changing the clocks at the end of October – inviting the great British public to use the extra hour to do something good for children.

Two ways to do “something good”

To make the creative challenge a little trickier, the client wanted the campaign to encompass two distinct types of message: the first focusing on the benefits for children of spending more time with their parents or care-givers; the second inviting people to dedicate an hour to raising funds in support of Action for Children’s brilliant work.

Our solution combined a simple yet motivating campaign name – HourForGood – with a powerfully distinctive clock face signature graphic, incorporating a typographical representation of that valuable extra hour. Across different executions, we used a variety of warm emotive imagery to convey both the “spending time together” and “fundraising ideas” messages.

A campaign with breadth… year after year

To maximise reach and impact, our campaign was designed to work equally hard across traditional print (such as Adshels), online and social media.

Following on from our multi-award-winning “I’m an Activist” Glastonbury campaign, we hope this latest project for the charity will be equally successful – enabling Action for Children to own that extra hour, and turn it to their advantage, for many years to come.

(Our other projects for Action for Children include: It starts with hello, National Children’s Hour, Swap n’ Shop to name but a few.)

Kind words…

“Another great idea for Action for Children by Neon.

Action for Children appointed Neon to create a powerful creative idea, Neon delivered this in spades, presenting us with a campaign where early signs indicate that the public will be active and enthusiastic participants

Campaign Manager
Action for Children

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An hour for good for Action for Children, fundraising campaign.


An hour for good for Action for Children, fundraising campaign Adshel poster.


An hour for good for Action for Children, website sample pages.


An hour for good for Action for Children, fundraising campaign poster set.

An hour for good for Action for Children, awareness campaign poster set.

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