Swap 'n' Shop fun
for Action for Children

Giving the humble jumble sale a make-over.

A lovely brief from long-time client Action for Children, who asked us to create a strongly distinctive and warmly inviting look for their latest initiative for fund-raising at a local level called ‘Community Swap ‘n’ Shop’.

They wanted to elevate the humble jumble sale into something more enticing; a real community event, aimed at bringing people together and giving them a chance to enjoy a chat, and get to know each other.

The flexible visual style we created was based around a specially designed typeface made out of clothes. Then all we had to do was pull on our copywriting hats, and come up with a series of friendly and enticing messages about the pleasures of shopping and swapping, while also helping to give disadvantaged children a better start in life.

Please do have a peak at our other recent work for Action for Children including “I’m an Activist for Action for Children” and “National Children’s Hour” – all designed to aid Action for Children in their tireless work to help children in the UK get a better start in life. To find out more please do visit their website or their YouTube channel

(Our other projects for Action for Children include: It starts with hello, National Children’s Hour, An hour for Good, Swap n’ Shop to name but a few.)

Kind words…

“A clever idea that makes things simple, fun and flexible for our local teams to stand out and help bring families together – as well as raising money for the local branches via Community Swop ‘n’ Shop events.

Brand Manager
Action for Children[/collapse_panel]

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Art direction
Promotional posters
Bespoke illustration
Digital assets

Action for Children 'Community Swap 'n' Shop'.

Brand campaign and advertising by Neon - Charity sector branding - Action for children - Swap and Shop - Swap and shop shopping bag detail designed by Dana Robertson

Action for Children 'Community Swap 'n' Shop' promotional posters.

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