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Positioning a pioneer.

As a global, integrated risk assessment firm, Moody’s has long been trusted to provide the data and insight that investors need to make better decisions. So, in a fast-changing world, where sustainability is increasingly seen as the true measure of success, it would be almost impossible to exaggerate the importance for the company of its new and greatly expanded ESG offering. Which makes it incredibly flattering that – based on a well established relationship with Neon – Moody’s asked us to develop a strategic positioning that would enable them to claim a clearly defined leadership position in this crucial arena.

In search of stand-out

In simple terms, the challenge was one of differentiation. Our exhaustive review of competitive activity revealed a “same-iness”, both visually and verbally, that made the various companies’ ESG messages blend into each other. So how could we construct a strategic platform that would enable Moody’s to cut through and communicate the genuine superiority of their ESG offering? Leadership, we knew, would be key. We needed to emphasise Moody’s authentic commitment to bringing about positive change, and the pioneering role they were seeking to play in meeting the challenge of greening the global economy.

A comprehensively better solution

In terms of Moody’s expanded range of ESG services, we were equally clear that our focus had to be on comprehensiveness; the unmatched quality and scope of data and insight that would enable clients to build the new triple bottom line – putting people and planet on a par with profit – into every aspect of their decision-making process.  We sweated over every syllable of the positioning statement that we developed. Our aim, quite simply, to ensure that all the vital components of the Moody’s brand – from vision and values to personality and promise – were built into a form of words that would clearly set Moody’s apart from all competitors

Inspiration (as well as perspiration) 

It wasn’t enough to just to tick all the boxes. We needed the positioning to be based on a big idea, capable of encompassing the many facets and attributes of Moody’s ESG Solutions. It had to be inspiring, too – emotive and aspirational, as well as rational and business-focused. And finally, in a market sector defined by change, we knew that whatever we came up with would need the potential to evolve, continuously, over time.

After a huge amount of work (even for Neon, where we always dig deep), we distilled all our thinking and analysis into the four little words you see here, along with two short paras of supporting text.

Leading insight, championing change.

At Moody’s, we have always led the way in providing the data and analysis needed to make better decisions.  

And in today’s fast-evolving landscape, where sustainability increasingly counts for as much as financial performance, our goal is to be a pioneer of positive transformation.

To help your organisation achieve sustainable growth, look no further than our newly expanded and uniquely comprehensive ESG offering that delivers leading insight and champions change.

Creativity with cut-through 

As for creative execution, we are still in the early days of development, but we’ve made an exciting start. Working within the client’s existing brand identity system, we have created a distinctive look and feel, based on stunning visual metaphors for the specific attributes that make Moody’s ESG Solutions the most comprehensive available. And the upbeat and positive mood of the imagery is supported by a subtle circular graphic device that gives structure, while hinting at globality.  

Confident without being arrogant, our positioning – and our creative expression of it, to date – clearly fulfil the brief in establishing Moody’s as an ESG leader, while enabling the firm to achieve real cut-through in its communications. And that’s not just our view. We’re pleased to say we have a very happy client.

As well as a wide range of online executions, we created a high impact press ad to run alongside the 2021 COP26 climate conference in Glasgow.

The launch campaign ‘Leading insight, championing change’ for Moody’s ESG Solutions has also been receiving acclaimed industry recognition, having been named ‘Best Creative Execution of Multi Audience-Targeted Global Launch Campaign’ in The Gramercy Institute ESG Marketing & Communications Awards in New York June 15 2022.

Kind words…

“As a new business in a rapidly expanding market, we needed to quickly deliver a strong launch campaign with imagery that avoided the sector clichés while delivering a clear, compelling message.”

Neon started by setting a strong positioning statement that culminated in delivering our campaign headline – “Leading insight, championing change.”

This perfectly encapsulated Moody’s ESG Solutions spirit and tone as a leader in providing ESG data and scores. At the same time, highlighting how we see ourselves as pioneers of positive change.

Dana and his team created a suite of creative assets that showcased our value proposition and our broad range of solutions across climate risk, sustainable finance and ESG measurement. We sent a powerful message to the market with this inaugural campaign – which was a significant win in our global go-to-market strategy.

Neon was an absolute joy to work with, hitting the sweet spot between strong creative strategic direction and excellent execution.”

SVP, Marketing & Engagement, Moody’s ESG Solutions.

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