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A brand mark animation for Neon’s project for Rinkit.

When Rinkit started back in 2008, it was, literally, two blokes in a bedroom, selling glassware and crockery on Amazon. But by the time Neon appeared on the scene, they’d built their business into a  highly successful online home and garden store, offering everything from wine-racks to wall-clocks, photo frames to furniture, soap dishes to sun-loungers…

Great products at great prices were, of course, the key to their success. However, their site had a low-budget feel that didn’t do justice to the quality of Rinkit’s all-round contemporary product and service offering — and once we chatted with them about refining their brand and brand identity we saw Rinkit as a business driven by a powerful desire to make it easy for their customers to buy really nice things for their homes and gardens, which we boiled down to putting the fun into functional.

We hope you enjoyed these animations, click here to see the full extent of the project.

Kind words…

“Rinkit began working with Dana and Neon in early 2020 to explore a company wide re-brand. Rinkit was now 10 years old and despite having multiple websites, house brands and several thousand products it had never been through any form of professional branding and as a company we knew this needed to change.

We chose to work with Neon because after several meetings we felt they had grasped the essence of what Rinkit was and could really dig into what the core fundamentals of our brand are. Dana spent time engaging with our team and learning about Rinkit which I feel made a fundamental difference to the success of this project. The final presentation was a success, everyone was pleased with the brand visuals, language and positioning that Dana had created. Since this point we have continued to work with Neon to ensure we seamlessly weave his work throughout all our activities. We look forward to continuing to work with Dana and Neon in the months to come.

Rob Lowe
Founding Partner

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