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When is a No 1 not a No 1?

Following the success of our campaign for Moody’s CreditView,

the client asked us to help promote their Asia-Pacific (APAC) team as the leading player in the region – with a specific objective of targeting the main financial centres in Australia, Shanghai and Singapore. For Neon, the brief’s biggest challenge was that, despite Moody’s clear leadership in this region, there were strong commercial and legal concerns around how explicitly a claim to be “No 1” could be made.

In addition, Moody’s also wanted our campaign to focus strongly on three key messages, relating to credibility, expertise and engagement; each a powerful reason for clients to choose Moody’s – underlining their trusted role in global capital markets, the breadth and depth of their award-winning data and knowledge, and the user-friendliness of their service.

Our creative solution?

An impactful “No 1” graphic that – just barely – avoided making an overt “No 1” claim. Used as a flexible window device, revealing one of our target cities, this enabled us to imply market leadership very strongly indeed, while the copy neatly side-stepped any explicit statement that might have proved contentious.

Each ad also underlined one of those three key differentiators, not just providing powerful reasons to choose Moody’s, but also working hard to drive an immediate response from potential clients keen to know more about what “APAC’s No 1 team” could offer them.

Rolled out in print media, as well as in digital ads and on LinkedIn, our campaign was enthusiastically received internally and, even more importantly, externally – driving up both brand and service awareness and inbound new business reach-outs to Moody’s

If you would like to see more of what we have done for Moody’s, please do take a look at our CreditView project, and the work we’ve done recently on positioning Moody’s ESG and its subsequent roll out of the Moody’s ESG marketing campaign.

Kind words…

A very smart campaign, produced within a very challenging time frame and has had a real impact on our APAC audiences.”

Head of Engagement and Corporate Finance Product Strategy
Moody’s Analytics

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Moody's 'No. 1' APAC campaign 'Credibility' detail (for Australia).

Moody's No.1 advertising by Neon2
Moody's No.1 advertising by Neon brand consultancy

Moody's 'No. 1' APAC campaign 'Expertise', 'Credibility' and 'Engagement' (for Australia / Shanghai / Singapore).

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