UK Sport Performance Pathway Team
Giving Team GB an edge

Being seen as the leading edge within UK Sport and Team GB Sports.

Long-time Neon client UK Sport is the government body responsible for strategic investment in our most talented athletes.

Within UK Sport, the Performance Pathways Team (PPT) is the specialist unit responsible for developing programmes that enable carefully selected athletes to achieve their Olympic and Paralympic medal-winning potential.

Putting the PPT on the podium

Our job was to create an identity and visual style for all the PPT’s communications, to establish it as a distinctive “sub-brand” within the wider UK Sport offering; putting it on a podium of its own, you might say.

Above all, what they needed from us was a new look that would better convey both the dynamism of a team dedicated to optimum performance, and the bleeding edge expertise that the PPT brings to its collaboration with individual sports.

Inspirational imagery (without naming names)

As you can see, our solution features powerful ‘edged’ brand mark using gold to signifying their ‘Gold Standard’ offering. The edged effect was used to style full bleed imagery to dramatic effect within digital and printed materials. Another key component was a library of GB athlete silhouettes to represent a wide spectrum of sports, using a beautiful rippling union jack flag to create form and give a sense of dynamic movement – as well as to create iconic and heroic ‘ultra’ athletes; a highly effective way of capturing inspirational performance without linking it to specific individuals within team GB.

Meanwhile, on a more functional level, we introduced simple but bold descriptors under the PPT brand mark, to provide instant confirmation of which of those 16 project areas is covered by a particular communication.

Now just rolling out across a wide range of PPT communications, from brochures and presentations to intranet, our new look has so far been very well received. And we’re confident it has the potential to perform at the very highest level for years to come. 

Kind words…

“Thank for all the amazing work you’ve done”

It was incredibly well received within UK Sport and beyond.”

Senior Performance Pathway Scientist
UK Performance Pathway Team
UK Sport

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Branding concept
Art direction
Interior graphics
Brochure design
Digital templates
Copy writing

UK Sport Pathway Performance Team logo with Project Area descriptor and iconic athlete silhouettes.


UK Sport Pathway Performance Team library of iconic athlete silhouettes overview.


UK Sport Pathway Performance Team library of iconic athlete silhouettes interior graphics.


UK Sport Pathway Performance Team literature and the Project Area literature suite.

UK-Sport-Performance-Pathway-Team-Project-Area-Literature-Suite 1 by Neon
UK-Sport-Performance-Pathway-Team-Project-Area-Literature-Suite 2 by Neon
UK-Sport-Performance-Pathway-Team-Project-Area-Literature-Suite 3 by Neon
UK-Sport-Performance-Pathway-Team-Project-Area-Literature-Suite 4 by Neon
UK-Sport-Performance-Pathway-Team-Project-Area-Literature-Suite 5 by Neon
UK-Sport-Performance-Pathway-Team-Project-Area-Literature-Suite 6 by Neon

UK Sport Pathway Performance Team library of iconic athlete silhouettes image library.

UK Sport Pathway Performance Team logo with Project Area descriptors.


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