Nabarro graduate recruitment video shorts.

We’ve just completed all the filming for a set of video shorts to replace those featuring Nabarro’s old offices currently found on Nabarro LLP’s graduate recruitment website (website created by Neon) which supports the current graduate recruitment campaign also by Neon.

There is to be a flagship ‘an introduction to Nabarro’ 4 minute video, supported by several others, each specifically highlighting experiences at Nabarro for new Trainees, Summer Schemers and NQs – as well as input from Senior Partner Graham Stedman and Marie Scott, the Partner who oversees Nabarro excellent graduate recruitment team, headed up by Mel Brooking and supported by Danielle Glinn. All video shorts will also now feature Nabarro’s magnificent new offices.

The Nabarro’s graduate recruitment scheme has been much awarded with 25+ awards to date We hope this new set of video shorts help demonstrate why the Summer Scheme and the unique 6 seat Training Contracts are so good – and ultimately why to choose Nabarro when setting out as a would be lawyer.

Now for the review of all the footage – it’s all in the editing…

We’ll keep you posted as to when these all go live on the current Nabarro Graduate website.

A big thank you to Mel Brooking, Danielle Glinn, Graham Stedman, Marie Scott, Jasmine Boadi, Ross Hockley, Remy Browning, Sally Tang and Tom Gay at Nabarro, as well as Darren Micheal for his camera and sound work.

Neon has now created three award winning and sector leading graduate recruitment campaigns for Nabarro, the latest two campaigns being ‘Your future as a lawyer. Leave nothing to chance.’ and ‘Don’t just warm a chair. Find the perfect seat.’

Neon also acts as Nabarro’s Brand Guardian after developing a distinctive positioning around user friendly law (reflected in their strapline Clarity Matters), and a powerful monochrome-based visual identity reflecting this positioing of keeping things simple to understand/black and white for their clients.

Neon also created, working closely with interior design specialists TP bennett, a total branded environment within Nabarro’s new 125 London Wall offices; a new home that would bring the firm’s values and personality to life, at every level.

If you’d like to know more about this project, or if you have a project/pitch/roster review you’d like to discuss with us, we’d be absolutely delighted to hear from you.

Please call Dana Robertson on the number below, drop him an email or connect via LinkedIn.

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Neon Occasional Journal post featuring filming the graduate recruitment video shorts by Neon