Food Bank Aid, 'There's a new banking crisis' campaign by Neon®


Neon’s campaign for Food Bank Aid ‘There’s a new banking crisis’ helps raise £1.25 million.

There’s a new banking crisis.

We know the great work food banks do, but who helps them when they’re also struggling to fill their shelves?

Sharing Neon’s new campaign for Food Bank Aid, a brilliant charity that keeps North London’s food banks supplied with essential ingredients, toiletries and household goods.

Our challenge was to help them raise £1.25m in just 36 hours to keep their partner food banks stocked.

Our answer was to reframe the familiar cost of living crisis message to a new banking crisis to capture attention, and then to make it personal to encourage people to donate.

We built upon FBA’s only existing visual asset their brand mark (a heart on a plate) for the campaign and for their fund raising video, with recipients silently holding the viewer’s gaze, while telling their story written on empty paper plates – a powerful, personal connection.

The response has been incredible with FBA exceeding their £1.25m target in just 36 hours – and lot’s of great feedback on the campaign itself.

We couldn’t be more proud to have done our bit to help this amazing charity continue to do their life-changing work everyday.

Neon was recommended on the strength our previous campaigns for Action for Children, including “I’m an Activist“, “An Hour for Good“, “National Children’s Hour“, “It Starts with Hello” and “Swap ‘n’ Shop“.

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