Kantar CX+
Brand animation

A brand animation for Neon’s project for Kantar’s ‘CX+’.

We’ve previously enjoyed working with world-leading research and insights consultancy Kantar on a number of successful projects (The Futures Company and Kantar Worldpanel), so we were delighted when they once again looked beyond their WPP Group stablemates, and gave Neon this lovely project.

We hope you enjoyed this animation, click here to see the full extent of the project.

Kind words…

“Neon came up with a creative solution for Kantar CX+ which was bold, impactful and flexible.

Beyond the visual language, Neon developed a Kantar CX+ lexicon to create further impact through the use of written language: this approach focused on the ‘X’ in CX (Customer Experience) to add a playful dimension to Kantar CX+ personality.

Neon partnered with Kantar’s creative team and marketing lead to deliver a range of design templates as well as clear visual guidelines to help Kantar graphic designers apply the creative across various brand and commercial assets.

The impact of Kantar CX+ within Kantar and among their clients and prospects has been overwhelmingly positive so far. The three local launches of Kantar CX+ so far (U.S., NL and Spain) have each generated new client conversations and briefs straight after each event, so the objectives of the creative brief have all been achieved.

Why it has been fun working with Neon?

Beyond his creative talent, I really appreciate Dana’s working style: relaxed yet professional, supportive and understanding. A lot of hurdles were thrown at us through this project, including a last-minute rebranding (from Kantar TNS to Kantar) which was decided by Kantar senior leadership three weeks before CX+ was about to go live. And this meant having to re-think and adapt the creative solution which had been (painfully) signed off.

Dana remained calm when we broke the news to him, which helped me keep my sanity and feel confident that working together with Dana, our team would overcome this challenge within our crazy timing – and we did!”

Véronique Le Therisien
Global Marketing and Communications Director at Kantar

We worked with Neon on a campaign project, which over time did present certain challenges which effected the original brief. Despite this, Dana were both accommodating and patient with these changes and despite this, presented and produced work we’re proud of and now rolling out globally. The work presented to us was thoughtful, well delivered and on time. Dana went the extra mile for us and as a fellow designer, I really appreciated. The work produced has contributed heavily to the success of this project.

On a personal note, I really enjoyed working with Dana who I found to very personable, someone who cared about the project and wanted to see the best outcome for the work even when his involvement came to an end. I look forward to working with Dana again in the future.

Gareth Binns
Senior Graphic Designer

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