Action for Children
'I'm an Activist'
Campaign animation

“Hello, Glastonbury! Are you ready to GIVE?”

A campaign animation for Neon’s project for Action for Children’s ‘I’m an Activist’.

A lovely brief from long-time client Action for Children, but quite a complex one, too. Why complex? Because we needed to find a way of weaving together a compelling and coherent story from separate, not-very-closely-related elements – go check out the full brief and full extent of the project here!

(Our other projects for Action for Children include: It starts with hello, National Children’s Hour, An hour for Good, Swap n’ Shop to name but a few.)[/collapse_panel]

Kind words…

“When the opportunity of a lifetime came our way we knew we had to get Dana and Neon involved.

We were about to tell our story to an audience of 200 million people and we couldn’t do something light-hearted; it had to be powerful, fun and interactive – and we needed to find a way of weaving together a compelling and coherent story from separate, not-very-closely-related elements (a fundraising boat trip, an adopted boy and his family, AfCs work and a Glastonbury crowd).

However, as soon as Dana presented his thoughts and storyboard we knew we had it – quite literally a big ‘activation’ idea. His suggestion of bringing Scriberia into the mix too brought everything to life and a new creative route for us and we are thrilled. Not only did Dana create a genius idea, but he guided us through the whole new process with Scriberia and made sure that our stand at the festival caught the eye of our new supporters. Internally the creative is loved by everyone, but more importantly Harry and his family are thrilled by what we have done and find it hilarious that they are cartoon characters!

‘Hat’s off’ to Neon another great idea for Action for Children.”

Campaign Manager
Action for Children

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AWARDS 2017:
Chairman’s Award
Brand Campaign
Moving Image

– Shortlisted

Campaign concept & strapline
Campaign brand mark
Animation concept & ideas
Animation storyboarding
Animation art direction
Sourcing soundtrack
Promotional posters
Bespoke illustration
Promotional stand

'I'm an Activist for Action for Children' Glastonbury awareness and fundraising movie.

'I'm an Activist for Action for Children' fundraising live recording snippet from Glastonbury 2016.

'I'm an Activist for Action for Children' staff T-Shirts and give away paper hats at Glastonbury.

Action for Children staff wearing campaign paper hats and T-shirts design by Neon

Harry and his family's big adventure helping to fundraise Action for Children - Part 1.

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