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Neon were contacted by our good friend Oliver Hartley to help him create a brand identity and website for his new genealogy venture and passion. Oliver was a former Finance Director of Corney & Barrow wine merchants and had also been a member of the brand team when Neon rebranded Corney & Barrow – and then subsequently were invited to redesign Corney & Barrow’s house range of wines and spirits as well as the prestigious Petrus brochure.

Genealogy is a fascinating area, however, in regard to branding and websites it was full of cliché and all of a very low standard, despite some very experienced practitioners within the space.

We began with Lidgett Search’s brand mark, an elegant arrow pointing to the past within the ‘G” of Lidgett using a rich royal purple. The word ‘Search’ was added beneath, within a graphic device which referenced genealogy charts in a warm grey.

However, the star of the show was adding the Lidgett owl.

The owl not only referenced Oliver’s practitioner skills of being thorough, scanning for the hard to see or find information in order to deliver a clear genealogy track, it also for us, reflected Oliver – the wise old owl we knew and loved – it just seemed to fit and reflect him and his venture perfectly.

When we presented the idea to Oliver, not only was he delighted with the reasoning of the idea behind his brand mark, it also immediately struck a chord with him on a personal note – as Oliver had whilst growing up at Lidgett (which had inspired his venture’s name) watched Barn Owls flying across the fields at dusk and it had always stuck with him.

And so some things are just meant to be!

The great thing about the owl is that it also helped us create a very flexible and interactive brand identity which came to be particularly useful in highlighting content on the Lidgett website.

We also crafted a line that helped Oliver stand out from the sectors cliché and mark him out as a more professional and contemporary practitioner when promoting himself online and in social media / advertising: “The future of discovering your past…”

The next step was to bring a sense of order, user friendliness and life to his service offering and areas of expertise via his website. While we had to give a nod to the usual content of genealogy in regard to imagery, we gave it more life with use of parallax scrolling imagery and created distinct sections in regard to the service offerings.

We gave this more interest and impact with some smart comps writing using the word ‘GET’ found within Lidgett Search.

Lidgett serious about your genealogy research

Lidgett an expert genealogist on your side

Lidgett to know more about us

Lidgett a registered practitioner

Lidgett a past

The cumulative result was a contemporary website in a tired sector that was clear, impactful and memorable – as well as distinctly reflecting Oliver as one of the more high end genealogy practitioners and his history and personality.

Needless to say he was thrilled with the result and loved his owls!

Neon’s other branding projects in West Sussex include brand identities for Chichester based online retailer Rinkit, Bignor Park estate, plus for community based initiatives Love Arundel and the Arundel Bee Project, as well as for Akin Arundel’s creative collective and The Castle Cinema.

Kind words…

“Having worked with Dana in a previous life, there was no question that I wanted him to develop a brand and website for my genealogy work.

This field lends itself to rather learned and stereotyped images and branding. Predictably, Dana nailed it pretty much first time. Fresh, amusing, very different, and I love my owls! Neon and Dana have delivered a brand and website that is professional but approachable, simple to navigate and very honest. I am delighted – thank you.”

Lidgett Search

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Lidgett Search brand mark.

Lidgett Search website.

Lidgett Search branding & website by Neon

Lidgett Search website with examples of 'get' language.

Lidgett Search brand mark variants.

Lidgett Search stationery.

Lidgett Search branding & website by Neon (stationery)

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